Audio Video and Communications Integration

  • Pool and irrigation system integrations:  We can integrate your pool and irrigation equipment on the the same automation platform as you the rest of your home.    
  • Tired of dropped calls, slow internet on your wireless devices? Never have issues with Dead zones in your home again. Our Wireless solutions include:  Cell Tower Boosters, Wifi controller systems that track your wireless devices while you move throughout your home allowing seamless connection between your wireless transmitters.

Let AVACOM assist you with every aspect of the technology in your home.  Today's home products  make it easy and affordable to make your home a smart home.  We can integrate every controllable aspect of your smart home products onto one easy to use platform that is completely custom to you and your home. Controllable from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.   We can assist with small and large scale projects from pre-wiring while building, or remodeling your home.  through to the final end result of a finished smart home.   Don't let the idea of a large cost fool you.  We have solutions for all types of budgets.  

  • Enjoy the experience of streaming music throughout your home. listen to smooth Jazz around the pool and rock in your office.  With a distributed audio system installed in your home you can have the freedom and flexibility to bring your house alive all on an easy to use app. Our audio solutions solutions include:  SONOS, BOSE, NUVO, RUSSOUND, YAMAHA, Sonarray by Sonance and many other of today's products. We can provide distribution amplifiers, in-ceiling and in-wall speakers, outdoor audio solutions, volume controls and other related distribution items. 
  • Never miss a thing with a Security Cameras and Surveillance system.  Our Professional grade camera systems are easy to use with 4k HD quality picture.  we also can provide and install products such as NEST, RING, and other great products.  
  • Controllable lighting, motorized blinds and shades can give you the flexibility to make your home beautiful and also functional.  AVACOM with Lutron can provide complete lighting shades, and motorized curtains solutions. Imagine hitting one button to turn on or off all your lights or close blinds.  Create custom scene buttons that utilize shades and lights all at the same time.  set schedules when your away or at home.  For example have a schedule that at 7:00 am your master bedroom lights come on and your blinds open or when you press sleep button it turns off all the lights you add to that scene.  We can even integrate your lights with your alarm system so when your alarm is triggered it also flashes lights on the inside and outside of your home alerting neighbors to the alarm.
  • Complete Home Theater Sales, Design and Installation:  Projectors, Screens, Lighting, Staging, Room Design, THX Surround sound, wiring, TV mounting and more.

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  • Energy management solutions with climate controls. Set schedules, or turn on and off your thermostats from your wireless devices from anywhere.  We can integrate your thermostats and other related energy control devices with ease. with the proper use of your climate products you can save money.  Products we sell and support include NEST, Lutron, Honeywell, Caseta and  more.  
  • Alarm and Access Control systems.  With our alarm providers and partners we can assist with everything from your basic alarm to controllable electric door strikes and touch pad door locks.  controllable from your portable devices  while alerting you if there is a issue. we install wired and wireless solutions. Again integratable with your automation system.  with access control you can keep track of who and when someone has accessed your home such as your kids when they get home from school or allow access remotely to your house keeper or friends and family.